About This Project

Integrated Auctions Solutions is one of the largest Software as a Service (Saas) companies in the US providing independent auto auctions with sustainable, scalable, and stable industry-standard technologies since 1986.


The company’s family of applications include Auction Master, AWG Simulcast, Marketplace, Core App, and IAS Services.

  • Auction Master: A complete auction management system consisting of numerous modules that can manage inventory, dealers and accounts, fees, sales, operations, arbitration, accounting and other auction functions. The system can be customized through various settings and integrates with 3rd party applications.
  • AWG Simulcast: In summary, this is a High Definition, Multi-Camera, Real-time Buying and Selling Simulcast Technology. AWG Simulcast is the next generation of simulcast technology and so much more brought to you by AWG. Buyers and sellers participate like never before in real-time! With under a second in delivery times, high definition video and audio from auctions stream to mobile phones, office computers, home PCs, and mobile tablets of any kind. With unmatched quality, AWG Simulcast software creates a user experience feeling as if you are standing right in the auction.
  • IAS Marketplace: The IAS Marketplace is an online platform where users can buy and sell vehicles. It consists of individual Marketplaces where users can bid or place offers on and purchase vehicles. Individual Marketplaces can be organized hierarchically into Parent Marketplaces and Child Marketplaces, where each Child Marketplace is associated with its own set of Dealerships and Events, while each Parent Marketplace is associated with the Dealerships and Events of all its children. This allows IAS Marketplace customers to flexibly structure their respective Marketplace(s) in the way that makes the most sense for their clients, affiliates, and members.
  • Core App: The CoRe App is a native iOS based app that allows CoRe App system users to decode VIN/VRM, input detailed vehicle information, take photos and write a basic or detailed condition report that is customizable for each consignor. Furthermore, auction staff can use the app to create an AutoGrade for display on the Vehicle details page and simulcast interface. The CoRe App App works on all iOS version 7.0+ devices and form factors including the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and soon to come for Android-based devices. In particular, IAS produces and licenses its CoRe vehicle-condition-report-writing tool for use with any Auction Management System. This technology allows its customers to efficiently and effectively gather vehicle information, take “beauty shot” photos in order, take damage-condition photos linked to specific damages, and efficiently administer other auction-specific activities.
  • AuctionVCommerce: AVC is a membership-based organization that provides auto auctions with supplemental resources to alleviate the costs associated with expanding into a fully developed online facility. Members are acknowledged for their commitment to improving virtual re-marketing by meeting the expectations of the online demographic in customer service, technology, and marketing. AVC is building the bridge between the auto auction, and the virtual world while helping auctions to leverage and manage their existing technology.


As a Senior UX Designer, my role included:

  • Spearheading design of the robust new UI to support the entire suite of auto auction-related web and desktop applications including AuctionMaster, AWG Simulcast, Marketplace, and the Core App which was native. 
  • Thoroughly documenting UI components in an interactive design system.
  • Collaborating with distributed product team and backend developers on final UX deliverables and infrastructure.

Auto-Auction Technology


Senior UX Designer