About the project

Pledgr is a productivity tracking (Saas) application that has combined the excitement of social networking and the power of community with proven goal-setting strategies to help users achieve goals. It features built-in tools to enable users set goals with photos, add deadlines, add reminders, save notes, integrate with third party calendars, integrate with social media, and even dare their friends to achieve goals!

Pledgr was accepted into the Forbes 30 Under 30 - Startup Hub in 2018


Productivity (Saas)


Lead Product Designer and Manager


Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Bhupinder Verma

Lead Developer


Will is an amazing product leader and manager! When I joined Pledgr as Lead Developer, I didn’t know what to expect. Yet, Will’s attention to detail, dedication to team building, and expertise in defining product roadmap (epic, stories etc), architecture and User Experience produced a nourishing collaborative environment among the team. Will created a culture that included those of us who were remote across the world. He is very passionate, agile and never loses focus on business objectives. From a development standpoint, feature updates were tailored to user needs backed by extensive research data which made our process effective and efficient. It is every developer’s dream when you get to build features that matter the first time and iterate, rather than building outside of scope and never going to market. The MVP v3.1 made it to Forbes 30 Under 30 Startup hub in 2018 and we also made it to Shark Tank!

As much as I recommend Will, I really do hope to work with you again.


The Process


The Pledgr application was a new product in development. As Lead Product Designer and Manager, my focus was to ensure that our product team built a user-centered application and one that had product/market fit. We conducted Market Research and Competitive Analysis to gather information that influenced product features, design direction, and user experience.

Brainstorming User-flows, journey mapping and information architecture.


Our Competitive and Market Research enables us to narrow down our target user group to HigherEd students and young adults. Our research phase was divided into three parts:

  • Pre-launch
  • Launch
  • Post-launch

We partnered with Campus Kickstarter, a student-research and engagement startup to gather pre-launch, launch and post-launch data to guide product design.

Focus-groups were created in 5 Higher Education institutions including The University of Texas, New York University (NYU), University of Rochester, Cornell University, and Columbia University. The distributed research team – Campus Kickstarter, conducted surveys, moderated sessions and usability testing during the Pre-launch research phase.

Campus Kickstarter is a platform tailored to facilitate marketing efforts between the collaboration of startups and college students. CKS offers a resource of selective ambassadors and promoters. Companies get to pick and choose the student promoters from selected universities. The platform allows startups to manage on campus event dates with consulting clubs,
co-sponsoring greek philanthropy events, co-sponsoring sporting Events, dorm events, door to door salesman and career center. Allow startups to directly send t-shirts and marketing materials.

This team collaboration platform allows startups to track ambassador progress report and team reports from social media data analytic tools and get direct feedback on implementation problems with the product or service.

We conducted user research at these colleges to influence product experience design
Sample User Personas


Research unearthed the pain-point of ambitious students and young adults needing a reliable accountability system to help them achieve their goals.

I synthesized the data gathered and crafted userflows and wireframes that allowed the user to set goals with deadlines, reminders and other built-in tools that enable users to set goals with photos, add deadlines, add reminders, save notes, integrate with third party calendars, integrate with social media, and even dare their friends to achieve goals.

Initial Wireframes
Lo-fi Iterations
Hi-fi iterations
Hi-fi interations
Hi-fi Final comps


Pledgr was accepted into Forbes 30 Under 30 and also made it to Shark Tank.

Pledgr is currently in the Seed funding phase.